Get 50% Off Meescan On-The-Go License

Get 50% Off Meescan On-The-Go License

Kickstart your bookmobile with Meescan On-The-Go!

Affordable, smart and compact — now at half the price.

Limited time offer from September 27th to November 6th, 2023.

What is Meescan On-The-Go?

Kiosks and mobile devices

Patrons use the Meescan app on their own device or on a Meescan kiosk with your library’s usual form of authentication. The option to check out using a mobile device or a Meescan kiosk means self-checkout fits your workflow, not the other way around.


Meescan kiosks are much smaller than traditional self-checkout machines. They're perfectly portable so you can fit them into the smallest of mobile libraries. A kiosk with a tiny footprint means more room for collection items.


Every Meescan On-The-Go licence includes the lease of a countertop kiosk and gives you access to all the standard Meescan features. Plus, there are no additional maintenance or warranty fees to worry about.


The Meescan kiosk acts as a Bluetooth beacon so patrons can complete their own checkout anywhere your mobile library goes. You just need a SIP2 connection to your ILS and a Wi-Fi signal in your bookmobile.