Meescan in pandemic

Meescan in pandemic

In an ironic twist, the technology everyone thought would destroy libraries, has just made them better than ever.

We're in this together

Navigate reopening with Meescan

With communities working together through different reopening phases of the pandemic, Meescan will help you create a safer library.

As we all continue navigating this new normal, Meescan is dedicated to providing your patrons and your staff a simplified self-checkout option, and more importantly, safety and peace of mind.

We have put together several Meescan features and helpful tips you can leverage to reduce points of physical contact and limit the spread of COVID-19 in your locations.

A screenshot of the Meescan Curbside Pickup dashboard on an iMac.
Social distancing is here to stay

Curbside Pickup

Patrons can reserve items online and then, using our self-checkout app on their mobile device, check in with library staff as they arrive at the library. Your team will receive an alert when the patron has arrived. As the items are delivered curbside, the patron checks out their items using Meescan, keeping both patrons and staff safe.

Fewer points of contact

Touchless kiosk mode

In order to limit the points of contact patrons have in your library, there is an option to enable touchless mode on Meescan kiosks. With customizable configurations and messages, this included feature is one more way to keep your library safe.

Disinfecting tips

Cleaning kiosks and security stations

The safest and most effective way to disinfect your Meescan kiosks and security stations is with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipes or Clorox Disinfecting wipes. You can use these wipes regularly on the surface of Meescan kiosk enclosures, security stations, and on Apple iPad as well.

To avoid damaging equipment, wipe gently instead of scrubbing and keep liquid away from any charging ports.

Encourage app downloads

Displaying a download prompt on kiosks

You can quickly set up your Meescan kiosk home screen to display a prompt and QR code encouraging patrons to download Meescan on their personal iPhone or Android device, allowing them to check out their items without interacting with the kiosk.

Patrons with iOS devices and newer Android devices can point their camera at the QR code on the kiosk screen (as if they were taking a picture), and their phone will direct them to download Meescan from their app store. If patrons are not familiar with using QR codes, they can manually search their app store for Meescan.

To display the download prompt and QR code on your Meescan kiosk home page, go to: Settings > Meecan (or your branded app name) > Advanced > Kiosk Mode and enable “Display QR code” option.


Updating your Meescan kiosk app

Last but not least, take this opportunity to ensure your Meescan kiosks are running the most updated version of the app. We’re constantly updating the app and making it better and we don’t want you to miss out on any improvements.

Contact support

​If you have any questions about these preventative tips or any other Meescan features, please reach out to our team at 1-888-510-8122 or using our contact form.

We are here for you, and we hope that you can safely welcome your patrons back to your library.