Learn new recipes with Meescan’s staff Dessert Day

Meescan staff sit around a table, enjoying a peanut butter pie as part of Dessert Day.

Here at Meescan, we like to promote a healthy balance of work and fun by having a dog-friendly workspace and holding plenty of team events such as Dessert Day. Originally started back in September of 2020, Dessert Day takes place every other Wednesday afternoon to encourage the chance to relax, connect as colleagues, and share homemade, flavourful, and (mostly) healthy treats with the team. 

None of us on the Meescan team are professionally-trained bakers but we enjoy picking up a wooden spoon, three eggs, a cup of almond flour, and having some fun in the kitchen. We started collecting the recipes so you can try making some delicious desserts at home too!

Food is a simple language that brings people from all walks of life together, and sharing dessert every couple of weeks definitely brings the Meescan team together in a new way. You will find a mix of recipes here because we all come from a mix of various cultures and backgrounds. This recipe collection highlights delicious desserts that anyone can make and confidently bring into your library, or to simply treat family and friends. 

Our Dessert Day recipe collection includes homemade blackberry and blueberry crisps, fresh summer berry trifles, decadent pecan pie bars, and much more. All the recipes are quick to assemble and taste amazing – some recipes are quick and easy enough to whip up in just a few minutes!

Some members of the Meescan team have dietary restrictions, so we often incorporate vegan and alternative products whenever possible. Plant-based ingredients don’t diminish the bold flavours and tastiness of any of our treats (trust us, we would not eat them otherwise!). We hope that this flexibility in our recipes will be useful for you as well when bringing in desserts to your library team.

Our recipes are adaptable to suit ingredients or methods available to you. You do not need to spend hours in the kitchen to bake an amazing and healthy dessert for a holiday, a special event, a day out, or purely to treat yourself. We are big fans of baking from scratch with simplicity, so you can be sure that our recipes are big on taste, but not on time.

We would love to see your recreations of some of our favourite desserts. Please use the hashtag #MeescanDessertDay or tag @_meescan to show us your personal take on any of these recipes. We hope that our recipe book inspires you with treats that are approachable and exciting. Happy baking!


Want to see our recipes? Read Below!

Last updated: March 27, 2023
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