Fee collection

Fee collection & payments

Meescan users can pay their fines and fees on their personal device or at a kiosk using web-based payments or card-present payments.

Card payment terminal with an illuminated screen.

Web-based payments

Meescan integrates with services such as Comprise, Paypal, Stripe, MovoCash, Paytm, and more to bring web-based payments to users. Available on both personal devices and kiosks, this option provides a private, simple, and secure way to pay outstanding fines and fees using an existing payment portal. This solution is available worldwide.

Card-present payments

Meescan kiosks now offers a fully PCI-compliant fee collection option to libraries. This service is provided through cloud integration with Comprise Technologies - a trusted partner in the world of library eCommerce. Simply install card-present terminals in your library to collect fees with ease. Transactions are processed outside of the library's network and without any direct connection to the Meescan kiosk on site. Thanks to this architecture, our solution provides a truly secure and isolated payment system. This solution is currently available in United States and Canada.


What libraries are saying

From our earliest adopters to our latest implementations, we’ve partnered with a lot of happy libraries.

“Meescan's unique offering fit our need and vision for self check and was a much better option than the other traditional solutions that we had been contemplating for years. We could not be happier with our decision to implement Meescan. Meescan has been an extraordinary company to work with and are both innovative and committed to their customers' success..”
Patrick Gutbrod
Systems Administrator

Euclid Public Library
“Meescan has given our faculty, students and staff the flexibility of conveniently checking out their own materials using the iPad [kiosk] or the app on their phone. Our students love 'checking themselves out'! Meescan has also provided us with exceptional support and creative troubleshooting. We highly recommend MeeScan!”
Shannon D’Agnone
Director of Library Services

The King’s University
"Our library had rejected other self-checkout solutions in the past, because they were too bulky, too expensive, and too outmoded. Meescan gave us a self-checkout system that is literally small enough to fit in the palm of a patron's hand, vastly more affordable, and gives our patrons the modern user experience they have come to expect. We're thrilled to have found Meescan.”
Missouri State
Brooks Travis
Information Technology Coordinator

Missouri State University Library​
“There are two major benefits to the Meescan self-check system: its compact footprint and the conscientious customer service Meescan provides during implementation. For a small library like us, with limited space and resources, this is tremendous.”
Rick Santos
Access Services Librarian

Molloy College
“Our staff and patrons have been using both the Meescan app on the phone as well as the Meescan kiosk. It has been an affordable solution to provide additional self-check options for our community.”
Karen Demers
Library Director

Wilbraham Public Library
“100% satisfied! We like the simplicity of the current solution! Keep doing what you're doing! The product and customer support are the best of all the library vendors we work with!!!”
Ann Arundel
Rudy Rodela
Chief of Support Services

Anne Arundel County Public Library

Meescan could be the last thing you ever have to check out.