We don’t settle for the status quo​

Meescan products create a better library experience for everyone by liberating librarians away from the check-out desk so they can do what they do best: helping people track down information, reaching out to their local community, engaging with patrons and organizing the library’s database.

Our products

Until Meescan was designed in 2015, self-checkout was always done the same way. However, that same way didn't work for every library, which is why we created self-checkout kiosks instead of machines.

Meescan requires very little or even no hardware, practically no floor space, and no fixture rearrangement. Our kiosks and security stations are much smaller than traditional self-checkout machines, and are built much more simply. In addition, built-in features and our cloud architecture allow us to configure and diagnose your system remotely, completely eliminating the need for on-site technicians.


Small and adaptable, Meescan kiosks fit into every library.

EM stations

Integrate your EM security with the Meescan checkout process.

RFID stations

Integrate your RFID security with the Meescan checkout process.

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With Meescan, our straightforward self‑checkout solution means simple pricing for libraries of all sizes.