What’s the opposite of checking out items? Checking them back in!

In addition to self-checkout, Meescan allows patrons to return items from mobile devices and kiosks. Perfect for libraries with unique workflows, the Returns feature is included at no extra cost. If enabled, patrons will be presented with a screen to choose between self-checkout and Returns.

Kiosks and mobile devices

Through the Meescan app, Returns can be completed on mobile devices and kiosks. We recommend having a dedicated 'returns bin' for patrons to deposit items once they've been checked in.

Familiar workflow

The Returns process works very similarly to self-checkout, so checking in items will feel familiar to patrons.

Security reactivation

Just like self-checkout, the Returns feature is integrated with our security stations. Security reactivation for EM, RFID, and passaround is fully supported.

Optional and adaptable

To suit your library's unique workflow, we offer the flexibility to enable Returns at individual locations and even on specific kiosks.

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