Implementation process

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Dedicated onboarding team

Once your library decides to purchase Meescan, our dedicated onboarding team walks through the implementation process with you.

Everything goes through Meescan's ticketing system which ensures clear communication and an easy way to keep track of information through every stage of your project.

With our talented and responsive team on your side, we guarantee a successful implementation.

What to expect

The implementation process may differ from library to library and case to case but it will typically follow this general flow:

Project kick-off

As soon as we receive your commitment to purchase, our team starts your implementation! We create an implementation ticket  and invite participants from your organization by email. You also have the option to book a kick-off call where we explain the upcoming steps of implementation in more detail.

Onboarding documentation

When you accept the implementation invite, you will be granted access to a set of onboarding documents and resources. These documents describe the implementation process in detail and explain the information we need from you. 

Information gathering

We work with you and your team to gather all the necessary information, including: 

  • Library locations and specific configuration options
  • ILS and SIP2 connectivity information
  • SIP2 testing data
  • Item barcode types and barcode positioning on items  
  • Patron credentials, including types and specifics 
  • iPad models
  • Custom branded app details (if applicable)
Implementation work

While configuring your system and building your equipment, our team will keep you posted on the progress of individual tasks and contact you for more information as needed.

Equipment delivery

As soon as your system and equipment is configured and finalized, we ship your hardware by express service.

Your equipment will be essentially ‘plug and play,’ and does not require any onsite technicians. 


Once you receive your equipment, you will have a chance to test Meescan at your location prior to your official launch. We’ll work with you to fine-tune any configurations after you’ve tried your new self-checkout solution in person. 


Once everyone is ready, Meescan is released to production and your annual licence is activated. Staff and patrons now get to enjoy the benefits of having self-checkout in the library! 

Post-implementation check-in

You always have a direct communication channel with our team and we want to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns. We do a post-implementation check-in with you to ensure that Meescan is fully-functional to your expectations.

How long does implementation take?

Our turnaround time for implementations averages 4-6 weeks from the time of ordering to equipment arriving at your library.

The overall timeline depends on multiple factors, including the amount and types of equipment you ordered, as well as the speed and accuracy of the information your team provides. In some cases, we've launched the app-only version of Meescan or added new locations for existing customers in less than 24 hours.

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