Kiosks, not machines

Reimagine self-checkout

Give patrons the power to check out their items and free librarians from the checkout desk.

Meescan self-checkout combines the convenience of a kiosk with the power and simplicity of the cloud. Patrons experience autonomy, privacy, and simplicity by completing self-checkout at a kiosk.

A close up of Meescan's countertop kiosk.

The choice is yours

Meescan kiosks are designed to offer you flexibility. With a much smaller footprint than traditional self-checkout machines, Meescan kiosks allow you to better utilize your library space. Plus, you can mix and match kiosk types to suit your space and traffic flow.

Purchasing kiosks

Kiosks are a one-time purchase, and libraries simply provide an iPad to place in the kiosk enclosure. Your annual Meescan licence includes the usage of as many kiosks as you need, whether that’s one or 100. Mix and match different kiosk models in whatever way suits your library’s space and workflow.

Security station integration​

Meescan is compatible with EM, RFID, and passaround security. Since the Meescan cloud is integrated with your ILS, our security stations are smart enough to know when an item is approved for desensitization - or not. For a flexible workflow, our security stations can be used by patrons using the app or the kiosks.


Meescan kiosks are delivered as “plug and play,” ready for you to set up with no need for on-site visits. During the implementation phase, our technical team configures Meescan with your ILS through a secure SIP2 connection. When you receive your kiosks, you download the Meescan app, configure the iPad for public use, and place the iPad inside the kiosk enclosure. If you need help along the way, our support team will assist you by phone, email, or chat.

Barcode scanning

All of our kiosks are equipped with a CCD barcode scanner for scanning patron ID cards and items. The built-in scanner supports a variety of symbologies, which our technical team configures based on your barcodes during implementation. If your patrons authenticate with magnetic stripe or contactless card instead of barcodes, we have additional readers for the kiosks available.

iPad compatibility

Meescan kiosks require an Apple iPad, which are supplied by your library. We currently recommend the 10.2 inch iPad (9th generation), but our kiosks are compatible with most iPad models from 2018 and newer, including iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad Pro.


Warranty and support are included with your annual Meescan licence, which means there are no extra maintenance fees. Support is done remotely by phone, email, or chat so you never have to worry about on-site visits from a technician. If we can’t solve a kiosk issue with you remotely, we’ll simply send you a new kiosk and have you send the defective kiosk back to us.

Technical specifications

ipad compatibility

iPad 5th generation and up
iPad Air 2nd generation and up
iPad Mini 4th generation and up
iPad Pro all models (including 12.9" screens)


Counter: 3.5kg (8lb)
Wall: 3kg (7lb)
Floor: 8kg (18lb)

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