Kiosk checkout

Reimagine self-checkout

Meescan kiosks

Give patrons the power to check out their items and free librarians from the checkout desk.

Patrons experience autonomy, privacy, and simplicity by completing self-checkout at a kiosk, while libraries enjoy simple installation, great functionality, and lower costs thanks to our innovative cloud-based architecture.

A close up of Meescan's countertop kiosk.
Simplified self-checkout

Discover Meescan kiosks

Developed around our original app for mobile devices, the Meescan kiosk app simplifies the self-checkout experience.

See how a Meescan kiosk is used in libraries with no security gates, EM security, and RFID security.


Meescan kiosks adapt to work with all types of security and various patron authentication methods.


We know how important security and privacy is to libraries, so Meescan is designed with the highest security protocols in mind.


With 24/7 monitoring and redundancies in place, the Meescan cloud ensures that self-checkout service is always available.


Along with the library's geolocation, Meescan uses GPS and Bluetooth to ensure seamless operation.


With many customization options behind the scenes, we can adapt Meescan to your needs and workflow.


We keep improving Meescan thanks to valuable input from libraries and patrons. We're known for being very responsive to feedback and feature requests.

Meescan could be the last thing you ever have to check out.