Return books with kiosks and mobile devices

woman with book in her hand between bookshelves

Do you know about our Returns feature? That’s right – your patrons can check books in the same way they checked out, using Meescan!

We designed the Meescan Returns feature to be configurable for your library. Regardless of how you’d like patrons to return books and other items, Meescan can meet your needs. Whether it’s through a mobile device, one kiosk, or many kiosks, we are here to support your library’s unique workflow.

You can set up the Returns feature with our kiosks in different ways. For example, perhaps one kiosk is simply for checking out items, while another is dedicated to checking in and book returns.

For libraries that prefer an all-in-one solution, don’t worry: you can have the checkout and check in features incorporated onto one Meescan kiosk as well.

What else is great about this feature? It comes at no extra cost! Here at Meescan, we believe in features, not fees. When you have a Meescan license, all additional features are included for you to use.

Meescan makes it possible for libraries of all sizes to return books using kiosks or a mobile device. This feature is perfect for many different scenarios.

24-hour libraries

If your library is open to patrons 24 hours, patrons will appreciate the ability to return books at any time of the day. This is particularly useful in academic libraries with different locations across campus.

Unstaffed libraries

If your library is completely unstaffed or has any unstaffed hours, the Meescan solution means that patrons don’t need to wait for a librarian or library staff to be present to help with book returns.  

Library renovations

Is your library going through renovations? This would be a perfect opportunity to implement our Returns feature as well! Picture this: your circulation desk is currently undergoing maintenance, has a new design, or is completely inaccessible for a different reason.

With our Returns feature, patrons won’t even need a machine to return their books. They can simply use the Meescan app on their phone.

Different return locations

If your library has different spots in town to return books that are away from traditional library locations, Meescan Returns (you guessed it!) can assist with the process as well.

For example, if your library has different pick-up locations or satellite locations across town or throughout a campus, offering the option to return items provides more convenience for the patrons of your library.

Things to remember

The returns process works similarly to Meescan self-checkout. This means patrons will instantly be familiar with the process if Meescan is already implemented in your library.

If the Returns feature is enabled, patrons will be shown a screen to choose between self-checkout and Returns. We encourage you to have a dedicated ‘returns bin’ for patrons to place items once they have been checked in.

Our Returns feature is also integrated with our security stations. Security reactivation for EM, RFID, and passaround is fully supported, which means patrons can reactivate the security on returned items.

Lastly, the Returns feature requires that your ILS supports check-in through the SIP2 protocol, which we’ll test while configuring this feature for you.  

For more information on our free Returns feature (and many others!) feel free to book a demo to learn more about what Meescan has to offer.

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