8 things to notice when using the Meescan demo app

Young Asian women sitting in a coffee shop, next to a bright window, looking at the Meescan app on her cell phone.

Did you know that with Meescan self-checkout, you can ‘try before you buy?’ That’s right – using the regular Meescan app on your Android or Apple device, you can experience the same self-checkout that your patrons would if Meescan was in your library. To do this, download the Meescan app and check out sample items using the instructions and barcodes below. When going through the app, there are a lot of great features for you to notice.

Here is a list of what to look out for when trying out the demo version of Meescan:

1. You only have to log in once 

Everyone hates having to log in as much as they love a ‘Remember Me’ button. Whether your patrons are going to be logging in using the barcode on their library card or integrated Single Sign-On, their mobile device will remember who they are for future library checkouts. This makes checking out items quicker for users on the mobile app.

2. The ‘My Library’ tab is customizable

The Meescan app has a tab called ‘My Library’ which allows patrons to easily access your library’s website. This tab is chosen by the library so you can use this tab to link to your catalogue, a weekly events schedule, or any other page on your library’s site.

3. The branding is customizable

When you opt for a custom branding package, we create your own version of the Meescan app in the app stores for your patrons to download. This gives your library the ability to make Meescan completely yours, including a new name for your library app, branding colours, and logos.

4. In fact, almost everything is customizable

Meescan is built to be customized for different library types. Within the regular Meescan app, we can create some custom messaging and interface changes that tailor the user experience for your library’s workflow and the patrons you serve.

5. There’s a feedback button

On the first screen of Meescan, there’s a feedback icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen. By clicking the icon, patrons can send feedback to Meescan about their experience. Patrons can use this to ask questions or let us know of any troubles they are having during the self-serve experience. We re-route any library-specific questions (such as forgotten pins) back to your staff so you can provide direct support.

6. Meescan uses geolocation

When you have Meescan set up in your library, patrons can check out library items thanks to geolocation. We mark a radius around your library space that users must be in before checking out library items.

7. No personal information is ever kept

It’s hard to think that ‘Susan Cue’ and ‘Joe Tester’ care about their personal information but we know that security and privacy are important in libraries. Rest easy knowing that after checking out items, Meescan wipes away all patron identifying information. Only anonymous information is kept (eg, number of items checked out, device used, and what time/date the checkout occurred) and available in our reporting portal to complement your ILS statistics.

8. This demo is just the tip of the iceberg 

Meescan self-service starts with mobile checkout. Patrons can also experience checkouts on library kiosks with just as much ease. We also integrate with various security types. On top of that, there’s a feature-full list of ways you can customize Meescan that includes Returns, receipt printing, Proxy Borrowing, Curbside Pickup, and fee collection. 

To learn more about all this and how Meescan integrates with your library, you can book a full demo of Meescan for you and your colleagues.

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