​Bluetooth troubleshooting

​Bluetooth troubleshooting


We have observed that after Bluetooth permissions had been introduced in iOS, occasionally our Bluetooth-based barcode, RFID, or magnetic stripe card readers may not connect to Meescan. If a scanner is disconnected from Bluetooth, it will flash blue from the back of the kiosk. 

This guide is based on iOS 15 and higher.
If you’re using the previous version of iPad operating system- iOS 14, please click here for an older version.

Step 1

Disconnect your Meescan Bluetooth scanners from power.

Open the iOS Settings app and navigate to "General" section.

Tap "Transfer or Reset iPad"

Step 2

Tap "Reset"

Step 3

Tap "Reset Location & Privacy"

Reopen Meescan.

Reconnect your Meescan Bluetooth scanners to power.

Still Not Working?

We pride ourselves on excellent customer care here at Meescan. Please book a call and someone from our technical team will assist you.