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Integrated library systems (ILSs), also known as learning management systems (LMSs), serve as the backbone of libraries, managing everything from cataloguing to circulation. ILSs streamline borrowing decisions and other processes by combining multiple functionalities into a cohesive platform. This allows libraries to efficiently manage their collections and automate tasks such as cataloguing items, updating records, and providing patrons with access to library information. 

Meescan is designed as a cloud-based service that is fully network-managed and integrated with your ILS. This means Meescan is easy for libraries to install and easy for patrons to use. For libraries operating on limited budgets, investing in a robust ILS can be challenging. Fortunately, Meescan works with several free and low-cost ILS options that seamlessly integrate with our self-checkout solution to enhance your library services.


Koha: flexible and feature-rich

Koha is a leading choice among ILSs, known for its flexibility and comprehensive features. Developed initially for small to medium-sized libraries, Koha has since grown to accommodate libraries of all sizes. Its modules cover essential library management functions such as cataloguing, circulation, acquisitions, and more. This versatility makes Koha a preferred option for libraries seeking a free or low-cost management solution.


Evergreen: scalable and cost-efficient

Evergreen is a low-cost ILS designed for consortia and large library systems. Built on a robust framework, Evergreen offers all the standard features of an ILS and is designed to support the needs of libraries of all sizes. Its scalable architecture makes it an ideal choice for libraries with diverse needs and extensive collections, looking to maximize their resources. 


OPALS: free and user-friendly

OPALS is a free ILS that offers scalability particularly suitable for smaller libraries and academic institutions. OPALS provides a comprehensive set of library management features with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible even to institutions with limited technical expertise. It is a great option for libraries hoping to expand their services and maintain flexibility, all while keeping costs low. 


By teaming up with cost-effective ILSs and integrating them with Meescan, libraries can enhance their services without breaking the bank. These ILSs work with libraries of all sizes, while Meescan adds a touch of magic with features like self-checkout, returns, and custom branding. This enhances the library experience for patrons by enabling them to easily check out materials using their mobile device or a Meescan kiosk. By working with your ILS, Meescan optimizes your library workflow to foster a convenient and simple self-checkout experience.


Want to learn more about budget-friendly ILS options that integrate seamlessly with Meescan? Book a call with us and we’d be happy to chat with you. With Meescan, our straightforward self-checkout solution means simple pricing and low-cost solutions for libraries of all sizes.  

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