Meescan is the perfect companion for bookmobiles

Close up of person holding a stack of library books.

Meescan is designed for libraries of all sizes and shapes – even libraries with wheels and an engine! We love working with mobile libraries because they often provide services to the underserved or out-of-reach patrons that would otherwise have difficulty accessing a traditional library space.

For libraries that already have a mobile pop-up library or are planning to add one, Meescan On-The-Go provides a simple self-checkout solution for patrons and librarians alike. Our kiosks are low-profile and lightweight, so they don’t take up much space in your bookmobile. We know how valuable space is in a mobile library!

When your bookmobile arrives in a new location, patrons will be able to check out using a kiosk or their mobile devices, just like in a traditional library space. All you need is an internet connection (such as a Wi-Fi hotspot or cellular data), and Meescan takes care of communicating with your ILS and connecting to devices behind the scenes.

Meescan self-checkout makes the borrowing experience quicker for patrons with no line ups and no waiting. Plus, this frees up the librarians working in the bookmobile which means they can focus on more meaningful engagement with the community.

Meescan On-The-Go can be paired with any of Meescan’s built-in features. Enabling Returns allows patrons to return items independently at your mobile library. With proxy borrowing, visitors of the bookmobile can check out books for themselves and then switch to a family member’s account to check out for them as well. Keep physical distancing in mind by using touchless kiosk mode so patrons can check out without touching the kiosk. 

So pack a minivan full of books and visit the seniors centre. Turn an old school bus into a highway-flying bookmobile for stopping in hamlets. Fill a bicycle trailer with an essential collection for the weekly farmer’s market. It’s so much easier now to serve patrons remotely with Meescan On-The-Go.

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