Staff kayaking 2022

Team photo in front of deep cove with kayaks

It’s that time of year again! The Meescan team took a break from working on self-checkout to go on our annual kayaking staff day in Deep Cove.

Upon arrival, we immediately applied layers of sunscreen, changed into some kayaking-appropriate outfits, and began our rowing journey. We visited Jug Island first, then travelled to Raccoon Island, until finally heading to Twin Islands to have lunch and return to Deep Cove from there.

We had a great time this year. The weather was stellar, and the water looked like glass; it was so still! The waves did pick up on our journey back to shore, but it made the reward of reaching our final destination that much more worth it.

A few notable events from the day include:

  • Ellen’s (our sales co-op student) first time kayaking ever.
  • Peter & Andrea’s (CTO and CEO, respectively) first time in kayaks in a few years. Usually, they bring their inflatable paddleboards but decided to change it up this year.
  • We brought Michael (our Customer Success Manager) a homemade cake to eat on Jugg Island in celebration of his birthday.
  • Andrea and Eamonn (one of our programmers) obsessively looked under rocks and in tidepools for interesting little critters.
  • Daniel (one of our other programmers) capsized himself as we were leaving Twin Islands, which gave us all a good laugh.
  • We spotted several seals swimming in the ocean, plus a couple dozen more seals sunning themselves near the docks.
  • Robyn (our Business Development Manager), Roheel (our marketing co-op student), and Ellen spent their car ride to Deep Cove team bonding using a book of getting-to-know-you questions (3000 questions, to be exact).

Overall, our team bonding truly shined during this event. A few team members were a little nervous about being too tired to paddle for the entire journey. However, we made a promise that either we all return to shore, or no one does! We ended up tying some kayaks together so that we can all make it back to shore; Meescan is all about teamwork.

Finally, our team enjoyed the sunshine while devouring cups of iced coffee, donuts, and pizza to end off an amazing staff day together.

Now, back to work!



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