Touchless kiosk mode

Touchless kiosk mode

Meescan kiosks can be configured for touchless operation, further reducing the points of contact in your library. This quick guide describes various options and requirements to successfully configure the kiosk.


  1. Most of these touchless features require Meescan version 2.9.9 or later. Please make sure the app on your kiosk is updated to the latest version.
    If your library uses PIN codes: Touchless operation implies that patrons don’t have to enter their patron ID or their PIN code by tapping the onscreen keyboard. We can configure your Meescan settings so that a PIN is still required for personal devices but not on kiosks. In most cases, this scenario requires that you have a second SIP2 connection to your ILS. 

Opening Screen

The opening screen can display a message informing patrons that the station is configured as touchless (1). Please let us know if you’d like to display, and even customize, this message.


Please note that the Meescan app offers multiple languages. We will do our best to translate your English wording, but if you’d like to ensure an accurate translation, consider providing your custom messaging in all supported languages.

In addition, you may want to display a QR code on the opening screen (2). The QR code automatically links to the appropriate app store (Google or iOS) to download the Meescan mobile app on a personal device.


To enable the QR code display, toggle the “Display QR Code” option in your app settings. This option is located in  “Advanced” -> “Kiosk Mode.”

screenshot of Meescan kiosk in touchless mode
Screenshot of Meescan in touchless kiosk mode

Checkout Screen

Another prerequisite for touchless operation is the checkout screen timeout. Our recommended setting is 30 seconds, but this can be changed if you have a different preference.


In addition, we can enable a visual indicator (2) that shows the remaining session time in the “Finish” button. This countdown animation helps patrons understand the timeout process.


To provide further clarification, we can display a message below the green Finish panel (1). Just like the touchless message on the opening screen, this timeout message can be customized.

What happens when the screen times out?
The user session stays on the Meescan server so even if the screen times out, the user can simply scan their card again and continue the session where it left off. After a server-side session timeout (which is set to two hours by default), the session is removed and a receipt is automatically emailed to the patron. We can also modify the server-side session timeout if you’d prefer a shorter or longer period.

Contact support

If you would like to enable touchless kiosk mode, please reach out to our team at 1-888-510-8122 or use our contact form.

We are here for you, and we hope that you can safely welcome your patrons back to your library.