We believe in features, not fees

Here at Meescan, we believe in features, not fees. Now…what does this mean? When your library has a Meescan license, you have access to our range of features and configurations. These solutions are available to your library at no extra cost.

With the ability to pick and choose which features are suitable for your library, Meescan can meet your library’s workflow and solve the unique challenges you face. 

Now that you’ve heard how our features are so adaptable and tailored, let’s showcase some of the different solutions we offer to libraries around the world.

Mobile checkout

Patrons can download the Meescan self-checkout app on their smartphones. Meescan allows patrons to check out items using their phone. We use a unique cloud-based design and combine it with a streamlined self-checkout process.

The Meescan app also includes plenty of supplementary features, like security integration, receipt printing, fee collection, and Curbside Pickup (some of these will be discussed in further detail later in the post).

Compatible – Other notable features of mobile checkout? It’s compatible with any iOS or Android device. The built-in camera will be used to scan barcodes.

Secure – We understand the importance of security and privacy for libraries, so Meescan is designed with an emphasis on being secure. We designed the app with the highest security protocols in mind.

Customizable – Meescan provides a plethora of customization options behind the scenes. We can adapt many configurations of your specific app to meet your needs and workflow. 

Kiosk checkout

Reimagine self-checkout with the Meescan kiosk! Our kiosks are compact, configurable, and adaptable to fit your library’s needs.

Meescan is here to free librarians from the checkout desk by giving patrons the power to check out items themselves.

Compatible – Our kiosks are compatible with all types of security and various authentication methods, including EM, RFID, magnetic stripe, contactless cards, and more.

Reliable – With 24/7 monitoring and redundancies in effect, the Meescan cloud ensures that self-checkout service is always available. Whether your library is open just a few hours a week or 24/7, rest assured that we’re always providing a reliable service.

Patron authentication

For patron authentication, Meescan supports barcode, magnetic stripe, RFIT, single sign-on, and manual entry.

On personal devices, patrons only need to authenticate for the first time. After that, the Meescan app will remember them and keep them logged in.

For kiosks, patrons authenticate to begin the transaction. After the transaction is completed (items are checked out), the patron is automatically logged out to keep their account secure.

Barcode – We support a variety of barcode symbologies including Codabar, Code 39, Code 11, Code 93, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, MSI, and Databar.

Contactless card – For these types of cards (NFC, tap, etc.), you can send us a pre-configured contactless card reader and we’ll complete testing for you.

Magnetic stripe – An optional card reader can be attached to your kiosk to incorporate this authentication by magnetic stripe.

Cloud-based receipt printing

Many patrons still enjoy physical receipts, so we offer the ability to integrate any compatible STAR printer. Don’t worry though, printed receipts are in addition to our eco-friendly email option.

After following our easy setup guide to connect the printer to the Meescan cloud, printed receipts will be available for both mobile and kiosk self-checkout.

Fee collection

Using web-based payments or card-present payments, Meescan users can pay their fines and fees on both personal devices and at a kiosk. These transactions are private, simple, and secure.

Proxy borrowing

Meescan understands that life gets busy. With proxy borrowing, patrons can login with multiple library cards and help each other out.

For example, parents picking up books for their children using their family account, or even roommates picking up books for one another. If a patron can’t access a library in person, proxy borrowing can be used by volunteers to check out books on their behalf.

Once patrons have added additional accounts, the possibilities for convenience and assistance are endless! They will also be able to log out and remove accounts at any time.


Meescan recognizes the beauty in data and how it can be useful to libraries. Access to a reporting portal is included at no extra cost. This portal builds on your existing ILS data and shows you accurate numbers on how Meescan is being used in your library.

Built-in scheduling – Custom schedules can be made for automated report delivery, to help you check usage and patron satisfaction on a regular basis.

‘Raw’ data dumps – If you are keen to dig into the numbers, automated ‘raw’ data dumps can compile your Meescan statistics with your ILS statistics. Combining both gives you a comprehensive look at self-checkout usage for your library.

Curbside Pickup

For libraries that want to prioritize safe and scheduled pickups for patrons, our Curbside Pickup option is the perfect fit.

The Curbside Pickup dashboard shows your library staff all patron pickup requests in real-time. Libraries can review, monitor, and update requests from multiple computers or devices. You will be able to see when patrons arrive to deliver their items outside in a timely manner.

Curbside Pickup is a feature within the Meescan app, so patrons don’t have to worry about downloading a separate app.


Meescan On-The-Go is perfect for any type of mobile library, including bookmobiles, bicycles, and pop-ups.

Affordable – With a Meescan-On-The-Go license, a countertop kiosk will be included. You will also have access to all the features we provide. The best part? No additional maintenance or warranty fees to worry about, just like our standard licences.

Beacon-based – Our kiosks act as a Bluetooth beacon so patrons can complete their checkout anywhere your mobile library goes. All that’s required is a SIP2 connection to your ILS and a Wi-Fi signal in your bookmobile.


With our Returns feature, patrons can return books using kiosks and mobile devices. What’s great about this feature is the familiar workflow – essentially, the Returns process works very similarly to self-checkout.

Checking in items will not have much of a learning curve due to the feeling of familiarity for patrons.  

So many to choose from!

Meescan is disrupting the industry with constant innovation, including the implementation of many different features in the future!

By emphasizing features without fees, we’re helping librarians and libraries of all sizes to create unique library solutions without a huge budget. In turn, this will help to provide a better service to patrons and make self-checkout easier, simpler, and more affordable.

Interested to learn more about Meescan? Book a demo with us. 

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