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At Meescan, our goal is to help our customers succeed. Success looks a little different at every library, depending on your workflow, patron base, and overall needs. When it comes to self-checkout, more patrons using Meescan means your team has more time to focus on more meaningful engagement. Here are some tips to increase the usage of your Meescan kiosks and mobile app.


Staff guidance

The best way to promote the use of Meescan in your library is staff encouragement. Having your team direct people toward the Meescan kiosks and mobile app as the primary checkout option will have the biggest impact on how often your self-checkout is used. If your team has any questions about Meescan, we provide free online training sessions tailored to your library so that your staff is ready to guide patrons toward using self-checkout.



Having clear signage throughout your library to advertise your Meescan self-checkout builds on staff encouragement in directing patrons toward the kiosks. In addition, placing clear instructions next to the checkout station makes the Meescan kiosk stand out and allows patrons to be independent when they use the self-checkout for the first time.

Having posters, tent cards, and other visual forms of advertisement around your shelves and high-traffic areas ensures that library users know self-checkout is available. We provide signage and other resources, ready for you to print. To gain access to the marketing resources file, send us a quick email at info@meescan.com.

The more verbal or visual advertisements you have, the better. Repetition is key when implementing a new self-checkout.


Digital promotion

Promoting Meescan on your website or social media pages plants the seed in your patron’s mind to look for the Meescan self-checkouts the next time they are in the library. Promoting your self-checkout on digital platforms means you can post how-to videos and other resources for library patrons to refer to. We provide promotional material, accessible from the marketing resources file, that you can use across your website, email newsletter, and social media networks.



Having your Meescan kiosk in an open and accessible spot that your patrons must walk by naturally promotes more usage. Try placing your kiosk near entrances, exits, circulation desks, and other high-traffic areas. This increases the likelihood of patrons using it as they do not have to go out of their way to check out and the kiosks are easy to see.

In order to attract people to use the kiosks, the space around them should be kept clean. Having too much clutter or other technology in the immediate area around the checkout station can be confusing to library users. Tying cables out of the way with the provided cable sleeves and ties creates an inviting space that patrons will want to use.

Placing your Meescan countertop kiosks at varying heights makes it accessible to everyone. Keeping a chair nearby for seniors or people with different mobility needs and a step stool for kids can make self-checkout easily accessible for everyone. Try placing your kiosks in different areas around your library. You can use the Meescan reporting portal to find out which area is the best spot for your checkout stations.

You can also use different types of Meescan kiosks to increase patron self-checkout. We offer different kiosk variations to help you find the best fit for your space. Take your pick between a countertop kiosk, a wall-mounted kiosk, and a standing kiosk, which can all be seen on our website here: https://meescan.com/products/kiosk


Want to optimize your setup? You can book a video call with us, and we’ll help answer questions, plus give some suggestions for your setup. If you’re looking for suggestions but don’t have time for a call, you can also take a picture or video of your kiosk setup and send us an email at info@meescan.com. Want to make sure your staff is confident in recommending self-checkout and answering questions? We provide training sessions to walk your staff through using the kiosk and answer their questions.

We are here to help you and your team reach your goals!

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