Meescan team tries snow tubing at Cypress

Keeping things simple and building positive relationships is part of our DNA at Meescan, and our group bonding activities are no exception. This snowy winter, we took advantage of the snow on the mountains and headed to Cypress where we went tubing at Gnarly’s Tube Park!

Improving our team performance doesn’t happen overnight, but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Here at Meescan, we make an effort to have consistent group activities (such as Dessert Day) where team members can take time out of our day to help build a culture of collaboration.
Once all of us made it to Cypress, we had a quick morning meeting which consisted of putting on our snow gear while eating doughnuts from Harmony Donut Shop and drinking hot coffee. After a safety briefing, we were sent on our way and got pulled by the machine or hiked up the hill. Initially being sent down as singles, we soon went down as pairs and even in groups of 10, picking up speed as more people joined. Spinning on the way down was a big hit among the group, especially when going in pairs of two.
Since the park offered two lanes for group riders, it was only natural for the office to divide and conquer so we split into two teams and had a cameraman record us from the finish line. The winners of that race are still a hot topic but it’s safe to say the sales + marketing team beat the developers + technical team.
After the adrenaline rush of flying down a mountain and holding onto our coworkers, we made our way back to the office and enjoyed a hot meal catered by a local restaurant, Big Feast Bistro, and put our heads together while playing GeoGuessr. This was our first event of 2023 and the first event for our new team members, Yvonne (sales and marketing co-op student) and Varsha (developer)!
We always look forward to a day when the team can enjoy the outdoors and support each other outside of the office setting. We already have a few other activities planned for this year and can’t wait to share them with you!
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Check out these photos of the Meescan crew and Michael (manager of Customer Success) taking a tumble!

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